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With over 30 years of experience, Creative Deck Designs has built hundreds of rooms in Baltimore, Harford, Cecil, Howard, Carroll, and Anne Arundel Counties.

We offer several different room options that fit a variety of functions. We can build a fully enclosed, heated, air conditioned extension of your home. We also offer Screen Rooms for those just looking for shade and protection from rain and bugs. If you're looking for a mix of the two, check out our Three Season Rooms.

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Things To Consider

Types of Rooms

Screen Room : The primary purpose of a screen room is to create an open-air living area that offers a connection to nature while minimizing the inconvenience of bugs and other outdoor nuisances. It provides a comfortable space for relaxation, dining, entertaining, or simply enjoying the outdoors without the need for bug repellents or constant swatting.

Three Season Room: 

A three-season room, also known as a three-season porch, is a type of enclosed living space in a house or building that is designed to be used during three out of the four seasons of the year. It is typically a transition space between the indoor and outdoor areas of a home, providing a semi-outdoor experience while still protecting occupants from the elements.

A three-season room is often constructed with large windows to allow for ample natural light and ventilation. It is commonly used as a versatile living area for relaxation, dining, entertaining, or enjoying nature without being fully exposed to outdoor elements such as rain, wind, or extreme temperatures. The room is typically unheated, but it may have some form of ventilation or heating options, such as portable heaters or ceiling fans, to provide comfort during cooler or warmer months.

Sunroom Addition: Unlike a three-season room, a sunroom is intended to be used year-round, regardless of the weather conditions. It is usually insulated and equipped with a dedicated heating and cooling system, allowing occupants to enjoy the space comfortably throughout the seasons. The level of insulation and climate control can vary depending on the specific design and preferences of the homeowner.


What Is PGT Eze-Breeze? 


PGT four-track windows, also known as PGT Eze-Breeze windows, are a specific type of window system designed for three-season rooms, screened porches, or other enclosed outdoor spaces. These windows provide versatility by offering multiple ventilation options to control airflow and visibility.

The PGT four-track window system consists of individual panels that are fitted into 

a track system, allowing them to be easily opened or closed as needed. The system typically includes four separate tracks, each accommodating a panel. These tracks can be adjusted to open the windows from the top or bottom, or even remove the panels completely for unobstructed views.

The panels themselves are typically made of a durable vinyl material and are equipped with clear vinyl glazing. This glazing provides protection against insects, pollen, and other outdoor elements while allowing for unobstructed views. Some models may also offer options for tinted or solar-reflective glazing to help regulate sunlight and temperature.

The key feature of PGT four-track windows is their flexibility in terms of ventilation options. By adjusting the panels within the tracks, users can control the amount of airflow and ventilation they desire. The panels can be adjusted to allow the maximum opening, creating an open-air feel similar to a screened porch, or they can be adjusted to block the breeze while still maintaining visibility.

One of the advantages of PGT four-track windows is their versatility, allowing homeowners to transform their screened-in porches or three-season rooms into more enclosed spaces during colder months or inclement weather. The windows offer protection from wind, rain, and other outdoor elements while still providing the option for ventilation when desired.


Benefits of Choosing Creative

Custom Built

Whether it be a screen room or addition, we do not use kits when we build our rooms. Everything is custom built above and beyond local code the old fashion way. Since our rooms are built out of the same materials used to build the house it's attached to, there is a seamless mesh between the two. This also allows us to use different materials such as tile and shiplap where most companies have limited options. 

Top of the Line Contractors

Building a room addition is large scale project and should only be done by the most skilled craftsman. All of our room builders come from a very skilled background in the industry, having been previously working for a builder or owning their own company. Assisting our room crews is one of our project managers, handling quality control and guiding the builder through our design drawings.

Different Patio Enclosure Options

There is a variety of wall infill options to give our customers a variety of  ways that the room will be used. We offer screen rooms for people who shelter from the rain, sun, and bugs, but still would like maximum visibility and breeze through. Our sunroom additions are great from keeping out all elements and retaining a comfortable temperature and humidity year round. We also offer a middle of the road option called Eze-Breeze Four Tracks made by PGT (aka. three season room). This newer system has benefits from both sunroom additions and screen rooms by utilizing large vinyl windows that slide out of the way, exposing a screen for breeze through. Check Out Eze-Breeze. 

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Room Customer Testimonials

Calvin and Jimmy (our builders) were outstanding.  I couldn't be happier.  Would definitely recommend to friends and family and will definitely use Creative for future projects.  
Nick Cocoros
Perry Hall, Baltimore County
Your crew are all professional and they are very good at what they do.  Overall I think the work was outstanding.  DJ is one top of the line supervisor. 
Robert Patrick
Forest Hill, Harford County

Dave did a great job and went to extra trouble to make everything look beautiful.  My job went well once it was started.  I had ordered in May and job was not started until October.  This was due to Covid-19.  Everyone loves my porch enclosure and I am very happy with it.  Thank you!

Lucille Giacubeno
Dundalk, Baltimore County

Happy with the finished product and will definitely recommend to others,  We look forward to working with Creative for any future projects on our home.  

John and Julie Spokus
Baltimore County

Nice work - I like the cathedral ceiling.  A very good job was done.  

John Annello
Perry Hall, Baltimore County
Finished project is what I expected.  It was also finished in a shorter amount of time than what I expected.  Crew was professional and did quality work.  My next door neighbor will most likely be calling.  Good work at a good price! 
Carol Jewitt
Havre de Grace, Harford County

Had an addition built off my house by creative. The addition blends perfectly in with the color of the house. We are very happy with the extra space and had no problems with the room so far. The salesman was very easy to work with and answered all our calls. The owner Bob even stopped by to take pictures and make sure we were happy with the project. Overall a great company to rely on to get the job done right.

Tom Miller
Essex, Baltimore County

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