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YellaWood Pressure Treated Decking

yw_tag-300There’s nothing quite like the natural beauty of a wood deck made with YellaWood. And there’s nothing quite like YellaWood® brand products - simply the best available protection against rot, fungal decay and termite attack. When it comes to sheer variety of deck boards, from thickness and width to grade, and specialty treatment, we have more options than you can shake a 2x6 at.

cover-yellawood-gallery-decksThere’s no better way to extend the living space of your home beyond those pesky walls than by building a wood deck. What’s more, few other home improvement projects provide as much ROI as a wood deck. And did you know that pressure treated wood decking can be used for various parts of your overall project, such as:

  • Deck substructure
  • Hand Rails
  • Balusters
  • Spindles
  • Posts
  • Stairs and runners
  • Trim

With YellaWood, you can be certain that every part of your project is built with lasting quality.

YellaWood YellaWood-pressure-treated-swatch

YellaWood Pressure Treated Decking

Knock the ugly clean off your backyard. Step up to high-quality YellaWood® brand products.

  • Proven long-term protection against rot, fungal decay, and termite attack
  • Lighter, more natural appearance
    Broad offering of grades, sizes, and treatments
  • Budget-friendly
  • May be placed in direct contact with aluminum building products
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Thicknesses: 5/4" and 2"
  • Widths: 4" and 6"
  • Grades: Standard, Premium (5/4"); #1, #2 Prime, #2 (2"), C&BTR
  • Lengths: 8'-24'
  • Profiles: Bullnose, Radius Milled Edges, Square Edges
  • Specialty Treatments: Water Repellent, KDAT
Product availability varies by region.
With RainWood Water Repellent swatch-rainwood-water-repellent-yellawood

RainWood by YellaWood

RainWood® brand products by YellaWood are treated with the same micronized copper preservative used in YellaWood® brand products. But we take it a step further and apply a water repellent during the process. This assures water resistance on all four sides of the board, providing protection to the sides typically missed by a brush or spray-on repellents applied after installation. It also means you don’t have to worry about applying a water repellent to your project after it’s been installed. You’re free to enjoy it from day one and don't need to worry about applying a water repellent until next year.


  • Minimizes cracking, warping and twisting due to swelling and shrinking from weather cycles
  • Made from premium quality, select grades of lumber
  • More water repellent protection than typical brush-on treatments
  • No need to apply water repellent after installation. Enjoy your deck immediately
  • Lifetime limited warranty against rot, fungal decay and termite attack


  • 5/4x6" Premium Radius Edge Decking (RED)
  • 2x4" #1
  • 2x6" #1

Product availability varies by region.

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When employees of the Mccormick Spice Company near Towson Maryland wanted to add an outdoor lounge area for employees, they were thrilled to find the beauty and cover the Shade Tree awning system produced.

  • Custom sizes
  • Large variety of colors
  • Made in USA

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